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Sunday, April 12, 2015


This may sound funny but yes, I am both inspired with Dora's ways of exploring life's ABC's and the challenging line of Philippine's most talk about movie "That Thing Called Tadhana" (dala ko ang buong buhay ko, kaya nagka-excess baggage" .However that is where you are wrong about the whole thing, its not about me traveling to find my tadhana but yes, I am traveling bringing along with me this backpack (full of things necessary for my travel). And again, it may sound absurd but yes, i should say I am bringing stuff though heavy yet necessary for future event.  It would be so unlike me bring small bags even when going to malls or even to parties and the like. So,how could I not carry heavy baggage when I am in fact bring necessities in life? Ironic? It definitely is.

Now let us see, what is inside this backpack,it surely depends on the purpose of the trip, but well oh well here are some things I could not live without;
1. medicine kit (for my endemic illness and upcoming ones)
2. make up kit (not that I use it all the time)
3. pencil case (with all the colored pens, flashdisk, chargers)
6. anything to nibble
7. planner
8. umbrella
9. and the like
10--- stuff for the trip and its more than 5 kilo (malong and magic carpet is a must)

Oh did I forget to mention I always have a big bag and more likely a backpack in weight  how much more if I decide to have a trip hahaha! So here's the thing, you do not have to worry about my backpack because I will not bother you with it instead you will benefit  from it. Never mind the heavy luggage what is important is that I create and enjoy life while i am journeying. I inviting you to join me in my journey where life's ABC's are at stake. Do not just be contented with what life has to offer instead offer your life to the world and make a difference, "Be a better backpack for the world".

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