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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


To my parents who never cease to protect me from everything, I may not be the perfect daughter you could ever have but you will have me for the rest and eternity. I am more than thankful coz i always have your love and support. I wouldnt exchange you for the world and even beyond what my life can offer. You are heaven sent to me.

To my sisters and brothers, who i grew up with through thick and thin, my childhood wouldnt be the most memorable one if it wasnt spend with you. I have been blessed with a wonderful childhood coz i get to spend it with you. We may be of different time zones you will always have my back  as you do to me. Thank you coz you made me the happiest person because of that.

To my cousins, who most of the time are not just my playmates but a counselor at times. You do not only show me fun but more importantly you taught me how to share my life even more.

To my aunts and uncles, thank you coz you always showed me that you are my 2nd parents whenever we are lefr under your care. Thank you coz you always let me feel Im your daughter in everyway you can.

To my friends (LG, Vizier Versa, Mangkai, Dudes, PPG, teamlaagan)  and special friends you have been both my arrow and shield in the many battles I tried to won but some I failed. You are a constant reminder that my life is meant to be spent and shared to all even if they dont deserve me. Thank you coz you are always there to lift me up in every little way that you can.

To my Diocesan CM SCA family, you always give me home to turn to when Im one inch away of leaving my faith. Thank you coz you honed not only my faith but also inspired me to be better person for others.

To my USC-Choristers and Vox fambam, you taught me ways to cope up with college life, living with purpose and colors. You showed me what confidence is and love music even more. Thank you coz you have given me more than what i can give.

To my Balaod family, you have taught me to be grounded in doing all our work and advocacies. You are a family to me forever coz you honed me to be the person I am now. Thank you coz your innovativeness and magnanimity is engraved in my heart not to be contented with what is just okay but always strive for what is better or best.

To my CHR fam, you brought me the kind of environment where my life becomes meaningful. You do not only permit me to share my ability and skills to th maximum level but you made me believe again that there is still hope in every human being.

But most of all to the most loving and loyal lover of my soul. I will not be as loyal and loving as I am now if it hadnt for Him. Nothing compares to his unconditional love that He made me realize that He is more than enough to fill my life with Grace. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


Life is too short to dwell on things that don't matter anymore;

Life is priceless so share it with the right people;

Life is valuable to leave it at the expense of a wrong person;

Life is and will always be indespensable to the one who holds it deeply;

Life is more than life itself just to prove your worth;

Life should be spent with people who cares for your well being;

Life is beautiful rather than non-appealing;

Life is you and only you can make it happen.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018



Lately I learned that not all people will appreciate who and what you are;
Lately I learned that your goodness will never be good to people who dont love themselves;
Lately I learned that no one knows yourself but you;
Lately I learned that love is never enough to fill other peoples' emptiness;
Lately I learned that we have to let go of people to pave way for someone better if not best;
Lately I learned that nothing and no one can make you happy but yourself.

So cry till you eyes get dried up;
So bleed till nothing is left but none;
So shout till your voice cracks;
So get angry till your numb.

Bid goodbye to what was and had been;
Don't look back and never waste your heart to anyone but yours.

Art by: @uberlybia

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Where do broken hearts go? In #TSARGAO

There are phases of our lives that weaken at the same time awaken us. No matter what we do we have to go through the phase of moving up or moving on. May it either from work or relationships. But what if its both? That does it! Someone may break us into pieces but the heck, our world does not start and end with just someone. It start within ourselves, of making peace with oneself and it start by giving yourself a break from all the non-existent, self -proclaimed fault-finder being. (Nuffsaid)

Fast forward, every little creature in this world deserves a whole lot of everything that life has to offer. And where do broken hearts go? There are a lot of places to go to it all depends on where your heart leads you to. But I particularly love to see this place again and enjoy the waves and scenery for the second time. But before you go to this tourist destination, make sure you booked everything starting from the accomodation and boat to take you there. Coz mind you this place has no off season to speak off. We are just so lucky we have a friend (a cousin of my friend) who was able to assist us and owns a travel agency in the place.

And our feet paved its way to the bus terminal and we were on board the bus from Cagayan de Oro City via Butuan City and Surigao City. We have to travel a day before our scheduled trip from Surigao City to Siargao. Travel from Cdo to Bxu will take us about 5-6 and half hours by bus and from Bxu to Surigao City is about 3 and half hours. Take note when you want to catch up with the 5am trip to Siargao you gotta be in Bxu before 1 am to catch up with the 2am trip. But if you have your own transportation just take your time and allot 2 and half hours instead. If you have enough time there's a locally known cafe in Bxu named 'Margies'- a must try are their Cookie Monster Cake and their infamous oatmeal and brownie thins (opens at 11am until 10pm as far as i can remember). But if you like a more cheaper yet delicious local food, you can drop by at Cabadbaran City Market ask for their 'puto maya paired with either pure sikwate or the Sari-Sari. However, if you want to enjoy Surigao City and enjoy food you can go to the Market, buy some fresh seafood and have it cooked in some of the restaurant just inside the market (better during lunch time).

Now let us get back to Siargao, remember I had to go back there coz i was not able to try hitting the waves from the surfing capital of the Philippines. From Surigao port you will have choices of boats or ships like Montenegro Shipping, Fortune Angel, Yuhan, Evaresto Precious and LQP. Fare ranges from php 150-280.  When your in Siargao, you should at least try surfing even if it takes all your strength to stand aboard to meet your ten (10) waves and the guide/surf board costs php500. But if you know how to catch your own waves its cheaper to rent.

Good thing is we were booked at General Luna just along the road near Cloud 9 where all means of transport are available. Name all the transport they have it, starting off from bikes, motorbikes, motorelas/tricyles, motorcycles with roofdeck, van and the likes. Take note, everything costs a bit but if you like to enjoy the place you should try the things you havent done for the first time. But of course riding a bike and motorbikes requires skills coz again, all means of transport is pretty speeding up the streets.

 From the port of Dapa to General Luna it will cost 200php when you ride a motorbike. Or if you have a travel agent you wouldn't sweat a bit coz everything is provided and they lived up to this phrase and i quote 'Surigao del Norte where Nature Nurtures Naturally'. Thanks to Vince Oraiz of EDRO travel and tours for giving us tips and ensuring that we have a place to stay even though we booked so late. EDRO (Exciting Destination for Recreation and Outstanding Services) ensures that we can get to Siargao to enjoy the stay.

In Siargao, General Luna is the place where you will experience nature with a bunch of all perks starting off from restaurants (all types of food), carenderia, resorts, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, place to hang out at night, videoke and of course the beach and sand is perfectly perfect. And if you like souvenirs they got it all for you.

But you can enjoy General Luna walking along the streets and look for private places to experience the beach and yes we were able to witness the 'bluemoon' sparkling along the shores of Siargao. It was a magnificent view when shared with friends who knows how to appreciate nature at its best.

One of the highlights of our trip is the Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko. Try researching about the story of the Sugba Lagoon which is located in the Municipality of Del Carmen, coz literally someone just got  grilled in that Lagoon according to local legend. The trip lasted for 30-40 minutes. Before reaching Sugba lagoon, you will be able to pass through 4,000 hectares of Mangroves with species ranging from 44 out of the 54 species of mangroves in the Philippines. Amazing isn't it? Its one of the biggest Mangrove areas I have ever seen in my entire life. In the lagoon, you can do some water sports and dive from a 30 ft diving board. Or you can enjoy swimming at the lagoon instead.

Magpupungko on the other hand, is located at the Municipality of Pilar and one should note that the best experience in Magpupungko is during low tide. Therefore, the place is dependent on high tide or low tide. You will have a glimpse of the waves just across the naturally crafted sea pool all at the same time. If you are more of the extreme fun, you can try the rock jump in the pool coz i tried, but my confidence is just so low at this time of my life.

But one things for sure, fixing a broken heart also entails wonderful company of friends who knows you're whims and caprices. And more often than not made the journey to picking up the pieces lighter and easier. All buckled and backed up with nature and scenery that will take all your pains and letting the waves take it off from your body and never look back at it again. Thank you Siargao, you just made me smile again and thinking of coming back to hit the waves anytime soon. Surfing will surely fix this Island Girl from Bohol.

For contact and inquiries look for:
Mr. Vince Oraiz
EDRO Travel

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Note For Me

A Note For Me!

Sometime 4 years ago, it was also this time of my life and this exact time of the month that I wrote the longest love letter I could ever written for myself. And after that, my heart fell asleep and went on with its course undisturbed and unperturbed. For me, it was the saddest letter addressed to me by me. It contains all the realizations of a failed relationship and the struggle to fit into someone else’s world full of pretention and shall I say secrets.

This time, I beg of you to listen to my woes coz the thought of even writing this is too much for me to bear. The last time I opened up my heart to someone was in 2012 but things never turned into my favor. I cried, I bleed, sleepless nights and questioned my self-worth. For all intents and purposes I am giving said relationship a dozen of chances than it could ever have been. But still it did not matter now. Coz i was broken and bended. Broke up almost three years later, but the wounds were still there so I built up my walls so high that often I get confused as a lesbian to some extent. My way of healing was really a one-woman show. I bear it all, without my family knowing the pain I had. Without friends knowing how I felt every time I get to see memories of him. I was alone in the fight, and I lived with the fact that I was never good enough to a man who chose otherwise.

Then come late last year, when in my unguarded moments a man came just passing by caught my attention. He showed simplicity and light personality and there I was left wondering why not. He just showed up to my heart and let me feel that I can begin to love again. And this time, i thought it is forever. I would assume we were on the same page because we took the hard way, even if it was at the expense of the people and friends we love. It was you and me against the world kinda day, but I sure did give every inch of love that I can give. I was again in love after that leap of faith coz, I thought the man I give my heart to will take care of it no matter what the cost is. Yes, he did decided not to pursue his vocation for me but things changed after that, after he misjudged me as a woman who care less for his family. Our dreams to be together slowly turned into a blur, where I was left alone to think what I did that turned the relationship shaky. Was it because, I am a pain in the neck? Or was it because I was just not enough for him.  That faithful night of February 21, when after all the talks we had for the last week. I kept wondering why do I feel that I am no longer part of his plan and his life. That I felt alone and has grown indifferent and cold, he does not call me with sweet nothings that he used to call me, text became less and less, and he doesn’t even wanted to talk to me anymore. It was there that I gathered that he was confused on whether to tell me that his ex has returned and he still has feelings for her. The talk we had, was the most painful I have had in my entire life. It was there that my intuition was confirmed that he doubted my love for him, for reasons I did not even know. I was caught unaware of my imperfections and he did not even bother to correct me or no ways of him to understand me. The talk turned my world upside down when he told me he has feelings for his ex, and when I asked where I am in his heart, he could not even answer a single word to appease me. To lessen the pain i felt with his silence. Instead, he said ‘how about my happiness’? and just right there and then my world came tumbling down at me and slowly broke my heart into pieces. It came to me that I am not his happiness and that I am not enough for him and a burden to some extent. That my love is not enough for him to love me just the same despite and inspite my shortcomings.

For all the love I have given to him, I cannot even remember the day that he appreciated me for all of it. I cannot remember a day that he was proud of me too. That he was happy with me. And then all just came rushing in, is when I realized I was the only one whose cards were all laid in the table, and he on the other hand kept his best card out i.e., his heart away from me. I asked for a chance, but he never gave me one, instead he enumerated all the imperfections and edges I have, starting off from my overpowering personality, am too old for him, and that I do not have a heart for his family. He reasoned out with me and he never understand where I stand. He never gave us the chance at love. This had me realized that he never really love me after all. 

I thought, he loved me but maybe I was imagining it coz he never uttered I love you unless he was forced to say so. He kept me away from people by going to places where there are less people who knew him. And it kept me mum, coz I was made to believe that love is liberating. Love is giving spaces for people to grow with each other and not erasing one’s individuality.  But he showed me otherwise. He showed me the kind of love that is exclusively secret. Never was the time that i forget about him, in all my plans. But he chose to live his life just the way he wants it leaving me wondering where I am with his. And so i thought love is not about who is right but its about compromising and complimenting ones weaknesses and strengths. 

All the cares for his safety he took it all against me. He took it as my way of manipulating him and overpowering him. That he did not understand that every time he drives his vehicle I am always worried for his safety. That every time he changes course I always get worried so I had to tell him not to accompany me if he had other plans. Coz again, his safety is my concern. 

Its sadder when I am branded that I am the same with his affinity. Just because we've got the same surname and a relative. For Christ sake I only came to know the person the day I visited his home. It was not my fault and i am not a privy to his sad past and yet he intertwined me with his baggage against said man. If i remember it right, i asked if he was okay with his past and all issues therein, he plainly say, it was settled already. But when things get rougher I will always be dragged into his unfinished business with the man who caused him and his siblings pain. It pained me when my value as a person who only knows how to love is being trampled right from its core. Am i to assume, that it was my fault that I am a relative of that man, i don't even like in the first place. The man i also abhor for what he did to him and his family. For making his life difficult growing up instead of filling up the absence in his heart. Little by little, i was made to believe that I could be the best person for him, unknowingly, i am not. That i am a person made of different strokes to the man he hated his entire life.

The man i thought he is, turned out to be the man who broke my heart. The man i chose to be with after i got broken also broke my heart. The man who i thought would not dare hurt me, shuts his door the moment i was in deep shit. The man who i thought loves me, did not even bother to love me with all my flaws and edges. The man i took a leap of faith with, is the man who leap out at the slightest chance he could have. The man i chose to love, hid me away from the crowd so he can protect himself from peoples eyes. The man who i intimately swore my love, leaves me blinded when his lover came back at him without condition. The man who i thought understands and accepts my edges is the same man who judged and boxed me out.  And so i thought this man is a forgiving man, but he chose to lay back at the slightest chance of  a problem. The man who i thought would fight for me, stood his ground away from me and left me broken and sick. Again, am at the phase where I am just there in a person's life to fill in temporary gaps and emptiness of unrequitted love and care. I was just there to keep the rope until such time that he had to choose between leaving or staying. Why do i have to be that person in the first place? Why does it to be me? Why would this love of mine caused agonizing pain that it tore a life out my lungs? Am i not worthy to be happy and experience the kind of love that is meant for me? Am I not deserving of his love? These are just questions that haunts me at this point in time.  

The pain is too much for this weary heart. Too much for a person who only knows how to love without condition. To a person who give up her own dreams for the man she loves. To a woman who ensures that the best of everything is given to his man. But her generosity is placed at the forefront. When the man said 'there are things that money can't buy'. For all this, it brings me to question my value as a person for others. My kindness for him has become a thing that buys love and manipulate other people. This really makes me sad, of all the people who would say that to me. It has to come from him. 

Self-blame and self pity devoured my whole being. Leaving me helpless and at a rock-bottom. I had difficulty grasping my sanity and strength. That one person who i thought knew me, dared to turn my strength into ashes. Brokeness is an understatement, something in me just left and I cannot see it in me anymore. I am just so dumb, dumb, and broken to believe that he is a different person with a kind heart. But he had easily chosen the other because I do not have the attitude of his love and i did not pass his quality checklist. He even compared me with his love and that pained me coz i dont have to compete if he truly accepted who I am. But he did that to me right at my face. 

After this, i would never be the same again. I will never be able to trust just as i have trusted him. I will never be kind coz it will just be misunderstood. I will never be the same bubbly and generous woman that i used to be coz it will mean am buying peoples love.  And this saddens me coz i will never be able to Love unconditionally just like i had for this person that i deeply love. The pain it caused me is suffocating and intoxicating. I had to bare it all coz i am about to explode into someone I could not imagine.

My heart is full and i cannot speak, my heart bleeds coz i decided to take a leap again to love but left me not just broken but destroyed. I will bid adieu to the woman who once knew of a love that is liberating and profound.  Coz i am dying inside and i cannot breathe the way i used to be.

And so i thought, that the last love letter i sent for myself was the saddest. Instead, this is the excruciating love letter I could ever written for myself and this time I am in a pitch black hole. Grappling in the dark, wondering were she could have done wrong. wondering, of all people it had to be her, wondering how she end up with sad endings when all she did was to love and hopefully be loved in return. The only fault, that she could remember and needs forgiveness is giving her love to the one she is deeply in love with.

This is her leaving behind all that has been. 


Thursday, September 21, 2017

What will you do when you can't do anything but wait! what will you do when can't do but listen. What will you do when you can't do but sit! What will you do when all you can do is to love~ ering....

Sunday, April 12, 2015


This may sound funny but yes, I am both inspired with Dora's ways of exploring life's ABC's and the challenging line of Philippine's most talk about movie "That Thing Called Tadhana" (dala ko ang buong buhay ko, kaya nagka-excess baggage" .However that is where you are wrong about the whole thing, its not about me traveling to find my tadhana but yes, I am traveling bringing along with me this backpack (full of things necessary for my travel). And again, it may sound absurd but yes, i should say I am bringing stuff though heavy yet necessary for future event.  It would be so unlike me bring small bags even when going to malls or even to parties and the like. So,how could I not carry heavy baggage when I am in fact bring necessities in life? Ironic? It definitely is.

Now let us see, what is inside this backpack,it surely depends on the purpose of the trip, but well oh well here are some things I could not live without;
1. medicine kit (for my endemic illness and upcoming ones)
2. make up kit (not that I use it all the time)
3. pencil case (with all the colored pens, flashdisk, chargers)
6. anything to nibble
7. planner
8. umbrella
9. and the like
10--- stuff for the trip and its more than 5 kilo (malong and magic carpet is a must)

Oh did I forget to mention I always have a big bag and more likely a backpack in weight  how much more if I decide to have a trip hahaha! So here's the thing, you do not have to worry about my backpack because I will not bother you with it instead you will benefit  from it. Never mind the heavy luggage what is important is that I create and enjoy life while i am journeying. I inviting you to join me in my journey where life's ABC's are at stake. Do not just be contented with what life has to offer instead offer your life to the world and make a difference, "Be a better backpack for the world".

Monday, March 30, 2015


SUMMER it is!

SUMMER it is!
As i write today's blog. This is quite different from my usual post coz i want to share the things that my eyes can see whenever my thoughts came drifting and be transported into another dimension in the so-called "photography".

Wickedly beautiful sunset at BantayanIslandPh.

light up my life so everyone can see the beauty that's hidden deep inside of me..

Let me guide you while I sail and illuminate my night and make it day! For I will join you soon enough before you even know it!

 Protect me from the heat of the sun and make me rest for a brief time.

Let me bed you and i will surround you with memories to keep until the end of time.

Still strong and standing even when storms collide!


Come buy me serenity and bliss for I am deeply in need of this!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Camping at Kampo Juan with friends

Cool Landscape at the Kampo Juan (Pool)
This year I had the opportunity to visit Kampo Juan twice but the feeling of being here for the first time is just strange.Its like every time I went here, there is always something new, like their "cozy lodging houses",unique yet homey! Not to mention their pool both for adult and kids which i knew from a reliable source that their water (pool) undergoes the purification process like water from refilling station. Clean and safe water indeed.

hanging bridge @kampojuan
Did i fail to mention that the whole place is indeed breathtaking with ambiance so natural with trees and landscape soothing one's soul! Perfect place for a family and friends weekend getaway,may it be for parties or just plain outing and nature tripping.

The place provides you with exciting and various rides, like their ziplines, annicycles, rappelling and the hanging bridge. I enjoyed their "Annicycle" and "hanging bridge" the most! I have yet to try the rappelling  which means I am coming back soon.