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Sunday, September 12, 2010

life's journey

“Life is full beginnings, when one stop to begin, it is like cutting off one’s life”

A line shared to me by one of the retreatants here at the Monastery of Transfiguration, we chatted for like an hour or so before I set off for my morning prayer. Indeed, a perfect place for people with demented and/or broken life like me, who seek refuge and strength. A perfect moment to ponder on the many and winding events and turn in one’s life.

A man on his late fifty’s (50) or early sixty’s (60), sat on the chair waiting for his fetch and a woman on her thirty’s (30) sat on the 3rd step of the front porch of the Monastery Guest house the latter turned and stunned with his punch line. Quite contrary, here is a man who wanted to live longer and a woman who love to leave for good. This is maybe because two people have different outlook in life and came from totally different worlds. A man who shall I say helped in the destruction of the environment and a woman who advocate for its protection and preservation and promotion of the environment. A contrary it is indeed.

But what brought us here seemed to be common after all. To be in commune with our creator, and it is what matters after all. May today begins with a journey that these people will achieve what their hearts long for.
Thank you Mr. Quirino Morales for making today a celebration of new beginning in whatever form it may be.


It’s been a little while since I really kept silent. This has nothing to do with my very vocal nature but this has something to do with the field I am exposed with since time immemorial. I am equipped with potential or shall I say gift to really express what is or are in my head and to reason out for intellectual masturbation.

Yes, with the kind of life I have, it is really hard not to speak at all. However, I don’t speak of verbal silence, what I am referring at is the kind of silence that make the “being” in me stood still for a second or two. The kind of silence that listens and surrender amidst life’s doubt and uncertainty. A silence that takes a lifetime to practice and thus, awaken the spiritual being of me.
Today, as I turned thirty, I did the right thing of KEEPING SILENT, where no electronic gadgets that bothers me, without people who blabbing with their life and not hearing mine, letting people believe that I am alright when in truth and in fact I am not, smiling at people even if am not happy inside.

Out here in the world where I can hear the humming of the birds, seeing bees sucking nectars out of the many flowers in garden, and rainwater dripping on the leaves, came a SILENT RETREAT!

Retreat is negative word which depicts backing down from something. However, a retreat gave serenity and calmness to a hungry heart. For a day or two, I talked to my master and the lover of my soul, but most of the time I listen. Treating myself from every move I made, may it be right or wrong ones. Checking my relationship with the only man who loves me despite and inspite of all my shortcomings, a man who I am really sure will not abandon me in the middle of nowhere, but a man who will carry the cross for me.
Indeed, a celebration of my thirtieth year of blissful but challenging life, by Keeping SILENT…

Thanks to the angelic voices and prayers of the monks it did clear out some bugging things in my head. And to my fellow retreatants letting me understand where I am standing at. To family and friends who made my retreat possible.