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Sunday, April 12, 2015


This may sound funny but yes, I am both inspired with Dora's ways of exploring life's ABC's and the challenging line of Philippine's most talk about movie "That Thing Called Tadhana" (dala ko ang buong buhay ko, kaya nagka-excess baggage" .However that is where you are wrong about the whole thing, its not about me traveling to find my tadhana but yes, I am traveling bringing along with me this backpack (full of things necessary for my travel). And again, it may sound absurd but yes, i should say I am bringing stuff though heavy yet necessary for future event.  It would be so unlike me bring small bags even when going to malls or even to parties and the like. So,how could I not carry heavy baggage when I am in fact bring necessities in life? Ironic? It definitely is.

Now let us see, what is inside this backpack,it surely depends on the purpose of the trip, but well oh well here are some things I could not live without;
1. medicine kit (for my endemic illness and upcoming ones)
2. make up kit (not that I use it all the time)
3. pencil case (with all the colored pens, flashdisk, chargers)
6. anything to nibble
7. planner
8. umbrella
9. and the like
10--- stuff for the trip and its more than 5 kilo (malong and magic carpet is a must)

Oh did I forget to mention I always have a big bag and more likely a backpack in weight  how much more if I decide to have a trip hahaha! So here's the thing, you do not have to worry about my backpack because I will not bother you with it instead you will benefit  from it. Never mind the heavy luggage what is important is that I create and enjoy life while i am journeying. I inviting you to join me in my journey where life's ABC's are at stake. Do not just be contented with what life has to offer instead offer your life to the world and make a difference, "Be a better backpack for the world".

Monday, March 30, 2015


SUMMER it is!

SUMMER it is!
As i write today's blog. This is quite different from my usual post coz i want to share the things that my eyes can see whenever my thoughts came drifting and be transported into another dimension in the so-called "photography".

Wickedly beautiful sunset at BantayanIslandPh.

light up my life so everyone can see the beauty that's hidden deep inside of me..

Let me guide you while I sail and illuminate my night and make it day! For I will join you soon enough before you even know it!

 Protect me from the heat of the sun and make me rest for a brief time.

Let me bed you and i will surround you with memories to keep until the end of time.

Still strong and standing even when storms collide!


Come buy me serenity and bliss for I am deeply in need of this!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Camping at Kampo Juan with friends

Cool Landscape at the Kampo Juan (Pool)
This year I had the opportunity to visit Kampo Juan twice but the feeling of being here for the first time is just strange.Its like every time I went here, there is always something new, like their "cozy lodging houses",unique yet homey! Not to mention their pool both for adult and kids which i knew from a reliable source that their water (pool) undergoes the purification process like water from refilling station. Clean and safe water indeed.

hanging bridge @kampojuan
Did i fail to mention that the whole place is indeed breathtaking with ambiance so natural with trees and landscape soothing one's soul! Perfect place for a family and friends weekend getaway,may it be for parties or just plain outing and nature tripping.

The place provides you with exciting and various rides, like their ziplines, annicycles, rappelling and the hanging bridge. I enjoyed their "Annicycle" and "hanging bridge" the most! I have yet to try the rappelling  which means I am coming back soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


 For three long years I was not able to write a letter for myself and today as I reflect on the things that happened to me for the last three years. I beg the world to see the deepest abyss of my being.A mixed emotion and reflection for the last three years. At times it is vivid and clear but today it is hazy both in my heart and head.

There was a point in my life that I forgot to see my very self for I thought I am offering my life and soul to someone. I never gave any doubt of doing it because I am doing the right thing at the time. Never did I doubted my love and my plans with the someone I thought is and will be the person who would take me as I am,  to journey with what I already have and accept the things I have achieved without fear and hesitation. That I too shall journey with that someone and letting that someone spread his wings and fly.

But in the process of sharing my life with someone is also forgetting myself (without focusing on my own personal growth), I was giving up the me and I for I did not even realized that I was not even there at the end of that someone else’s line. It was a painful death, a death of the “us” that I tried to build with that someone. Sorry, not just tried but in reality faithfully offered my life to the relationship with the hope that we will be together with that someone.

Helping that someone to see the world is the most painful part of letting go to the usual relationship, I have given so much freedom that the person forgets about me and the “us”. And when that someone is far from me I was in awe for I was inexistent and immaterial. Never realizing that all the while at my end, I am keeping the part of my bargain, praying and hoping that I am there but again there was no me at all.

And now I wonder was I even there from the beginning or was I just part of the process of knowing thy own self? The feeling of being fooled and used haunts my every being, the feeling of betrayal I cannot contain that I wanted to curse heavens for this painful death. My death!

No one could better understand this pain but me, “April fool such as” struck me from head to toe I. Had I known this would eventually happen and not otherwise I would not have given this relationship a single thought, yes never would have entertain it not even once. But then again, being promised of something is another thing, giving me hope and courage to keep on building and keeping the end of my bargain. But it was not enough! Not enough to keep the “us”. In the long run, it ruined the inner me, leaving me alone and helpless and full of doubt of what could have been had I taken the other way.

Words when spoken and thrown cannot be taken back, thus promises when made are indeed just promises and mere words without teeth and without thrust. Commitment, faithfulness and trust is another thing, relationship is based on trust but when its broken is no longer there, true in form but not in substance.

Did I changed or was there ever a change from the very beginning? Was there ever a growth? Or the Status quo was still the same. These are just few of the many questions that I kept inside me the whole time I was journeying with this person.

I know I cannot hold on to the promise forever, but then again, was I wrong to keep it and ask if it is still true? Self-doubt casts over my shadow, for I kept on questioning of the things I did wrong? Or am I not even worth a try? Was I not enough to make that someone happy? Or did I choose the wrong person to offer my life with. And in the end it all boils down to this simple question. Was I just a part of that life of the so-called finding ones road? And in the end realizing that I was not even part of it to speak of.
Painful but true, in the end, the life I have chosen to walk on, is the kind of path that leads to a very narrow road where I am no longer needed. Where I am absolutely dispensable and unnecessary to that someone whose name I don’t ever want to speak.

And when I looked back to the days I have wasted for nothing I found out that I lost a big part of my being, myself, lost in quandary for the many things I did for the supposed “us” that weren’t meant to be. That big part of my being would have been spent with someone else worth of every inch of my whole life.

But now I have come to a point where I ask myself if I can still give more, knowing that indeed I lost the me the whole time I left it so damn open that anyone can abuse it without me realizing the risk. A rift created to pave way for miscalculations, misapprehensions and uncertainties. Inept of waking up and picking up from the time I hastily decide on the things that matter at the present and never waking up from the dream I started to create based on a promise that was made.

A promise to love forever away from me is indeed the foolish thing that a person can do to the one who loves them the most. For what is forever, when I have to spend it alone without that someone to share that moment with. What is forever when it is all but words without meaning? And what is forever when all that was made was just for that brief moment, a lull shall I say? Then forever I might see the wrongness of that word and how little that meant to someone who said it.

I could barely see the essence of the word ILOVEYOU when it is just true at the time it was said. But when the world fell down on you and offered promising and sweet moments, it was swept away without even saying a word and without even knowing why. Then what is the use of saying it when it means Goodbye.
And I thought I had learned a lot from all the hardships and storms I have come across during my lifelong years of existence. But I was definitely wrong. Again I did made such a huge mess of my life knowing from the very start that this was not for me. I forced an inevitable event to occur and had it dragged on for far too long. In the end such a painful death did occur as if a “Passover” you cannot control. That loving a person so damn hard is really wrong as it leaves nothing for you when the world shows that person so much that you do not fit in anymore and whatever it was that you shared do not matter anymore.

Sad but true in its entire angle, whichever way you looked at it, was never mean to happen. And the things you do for love is nothing but a remembrance of a scar invisible to the eye but felt deep from the abyss of one’s soul.

What have I done to myself? Why did I make myself an object of a man’s learning process? Did I not learn from past mistakes?

To forget is easy and bearable but forgiving is another thing. No amount of words can describe the betrayal felt of a faithful person who only knows how to love and respect the other.  What that person did is unforgiveable that I couldn’t bear to see just the sight of him. My love was never enough to fill in all that space lacking in that person, for that space is far emptier than it should have been. Hence, there is nothing I can but to stay away and never come back from that foolish state and being. For it was enough that I am fooled for almost three years, enough of those silly moments full of pretentions and secrecy. For I was made to believe that indeed he was worth every penny of my thoughts and love but then again, it is just the way it is and I ain’t going back to how I was trapped. For when I am broken I won’t let anyone do the same thing to me, NEVER AGAIN!!!

Was I ever hardheaded that God jolted and banged me up to the core of my being and woke me up from that restless relationship? A relationship with nothing but uncertainties to speak of. But I did not heed to my instincts for I was hoping and holding on to a promise that have long been forgotten or shall I say never existed.

A story never told, is not even a history but a tale. I shall hope that this was just a tale so I could not looked back at it and say to myself, hey a joke is far better than this one.


April 16-17, 2014

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sneak Peek at SM Pyro Musical 2013

flower inspired fireworks

Call it luck! Yes, it was my first time watching the Pyro Musical Contest here in Cagayan de Oro City (City of Golden Friendship). Thanks to a friend who provided us with a VIP ticket to see the fireworks at its best, especially when it is shared with family and friends.

Merry Pyro Christmas everyone!!!

a grand firework show
this one showed a very lively musical background
twin boquet fireworks

and this ends the first pyro entry

Friday, December 20, 2013


With voluminous workload especially during the busiest holidays of the year, an early Christmas Side Trip is creeping my way while working. It's not my first time to get to the place but it will my first to visit the CHRISTMAS SYMBOL CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES located at the heart of Tangub City, Misamis Occidental. Indeed, it never cease to amaze me how artistic and creative Filipinos could be. The lights and Christmas decors used are from indigenous materials and other local crafts. I was totally in awe of its uniqueness, ingenuity and yes promoting the Filipino Christmas spirit through its craftsmanship.And i personally chosen a favorite craft as shown in the photo above. If you look closely the decors are made of coconut husks and empty bottles showing how we make Christ as the center of all our celebrations.

I climbed up with this one with my boss, and this is really so high we could feel it swinging while going up to the 4th floor (viewing deck). This one is also a personal favorite, made of Capiz Shells. When I saw this one, it felt warm and secured. It's like a pagoda only that its built on solid ground

Again, who said that work can never be mixed with pleasure? I did not say that. I enjoyed every moment of it since loving your work is also giving your self a "Selfie Time". And yes, this days, we used to call it as "LAAG DIN PAG MAY TIME"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Attempted Sushi Rolls

my own version of sushi rolls

My nephews Marek and Janssen with their Mom just came back from Australia to attend school here in the Philippines. Marek likes to eat everything prepared in the table may it be vegetables, fish and meat. He likes spicy foods too. Janssen on the other hand, likes fish and meat and take note it had to be soft or else he would settle making the sauce or soup as his viand. 
Marek mentioned to his Mommy Rayd to make Sushi Rolls (using Salmon), and his Mom accepted the request because Marek loves to eat Sushi. However, she was busy doing important tasks before she gets back to Australia. I on the other hand overheard their conversation and volunteered to make one for them though i haven't made one for myself.

 It took me two weeks to collect information on how to make Sushi with all the ingredients, utensils and other stuff needed to make the Sushi a success.

The first I did is to visit a Japanese store where I could find the things for my plans like the Bamboo Mat, Nori, Rice Vinegar, Japanese Rice, Sesame oil, and veggies to complete my own version of Sushi. I requested my brother to buy me some of the stuff.

It was not until Tuesday night that I had the confidence and time to prepare the menu. And with the help of you tube, I was able to watch the pandora of Sushi. Then the procedure begins with only confidence to back me up. (hekhekhek!).

Marek and Janssen were my avid assistants during the whole process, starting from the slicing of the ingredients, to the rolling of the bamboo mat down to the slicing of the Sushi and putting it into the plate with wasabi.

As I mounted the plates filled with Sushi rolls and Wasabi mixed with vinegar, I could see the excitement of Marek and Janssen’s eyes. The two kids enjoyed the Sushi using chopsticks and paired with Mango Shake.

This is just an attempt at making Japanese dish and will surely make another one worth savoring for.

Making Sushi requires sharp knife, so you will not experience disappointments as I slice the Sushi with a blunt knife. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


What will you do when you can't do anything but wait. What will you do when you can't do anything but sit. What will you do when you can't do anything but listen. What will you do when all you can do is to love!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

With Eyes Wide Open

There are moments in our lives that we tend to be so cliche with situations that we would rather just be alone and reflect on the times we spent with non-sensible things. There are also situations that we resort to apathy because we could only do so much.

And I myself choose to speak for them....

Choosing what we like are sometimes affected with so many factors may it be internal or external (stereotyping, prejudices, discrimination). But choosing what we are deep inside us should not be subjected to any medical or clinical diagnoses like a disease or illness worth of scientific treatment.

If only we are human enough to stand for our right not to be discriminated by reasons of gender identity and sexual orientation then we should be human enough to come to the open to fight for one's right to be respected and protected above all else.

Let us look behind the facade of Human Rights and with eyes wide open maybe we could also speak and encourage people to be human no more no less.